Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Transparent Love

Sunday I went to Dan Smith and saw a two-hour demo by Traci Bautista! Wow - it was amazing seeing her in person. I have been a fan of her book, Collage Unleashed, for years. Yes - I have a tiny crush on her!

This morning I ran up to my studio first thing and started to create. I had a couple of artist trading cards I had been working on and transparencies from my sketchbooks & found out something that worked great.

  1. Start with one of your original sketches from a sketchbook. Make a transparency copy (I went to Office Depot & copied about 10 books worth of sketches).
  2. I cut out one specific sketch & used oil paint markers to color the back of the transparency.
  3. I used my sewing machine to attach it to my artist trading card.
I have used transparencies in the past but didn't love the results with them strait over a textured background. I love it with the pop of oil paint marker color behind the black sketch lines of the transparencies above! Woop!

Thank you Traci for the inspiration and new tips. Dive in and spend 15 minutes creating.

Monday, March 29, 2010

I'm Back!

Hello ~ I have been trying to do it all... and doing none of it well! I know no one else has this problem.

So what changed - Baby Boy (now almost two) started sleeping through the night, I met some fabulous Mom's (Go RCC Mops) & one of them introduced me to the FlyLady! Check her out... She teaches you how to FLY by cleaning and organizing your home to make it easier to live.

She helps you bite off a little at a time, so you can change your space in small ways that make a huge difference. I have moved 240 pounds of stuff out of my house in the month of March. Literally - doing organization 15 minutes at a time (with the loving help of my Momma!)

I am FLYing to Create. In honor of how I like to learn & the FLY principles - I am using this blog to provide you with small (less then five steps) bite-sized projects to get you in the studio & painting! WOOP! Stay tuned...