Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Letter boxing a new creative journey

I am at a time in my life where I am craving the outdoors more than ever.  I heard Gertrude Mueller Nelson say on a iTunes video that we crave the outdoors like a vitamin! This summer I am planning on hiking as much as I can with my five year old companion! 

Letterboxes allow us to fit some creativity in too! It is a hidden treasure (hand-carved stamp and log) you bring a stamp pad, your hand carved stamp and a log of your own! You stamp in the log and "collect" their stamp in yours! 

I love the idea of a world of trails with little art treasures waiting to be found!  Pic from my log I left (I am rocking the monkey stamp), Woo hoo- how are you spreading the creative love in your world? 

Monday, January 21, 2013


Cole Here ~


Play with paint to create adventuresome memories

With a few supplies, some solid techniques and a little bit of patience... you can begin to record all your expeditions.  In this class we will show some cheater techniques to start drawing, watercolor painting both traditional & experimental, and a few basic art principles.  Enjoy a relaxed & humorous class atmosphere - learning & encouraging each other to do your best!

FRIDAYS 9-11 am 

A four class series
$80 for four sessions     ($20 per two hour class)

Room for 4-6 students in Maple Valley

Get your spot now - 

Cole Adams, Artist & Teacher
As an artist I live my life out loud and always creating - especially when we are on the road.  After completing an art degree in college I set about living my life in a creative way - I work with families and individuals to have their memories come to life in commissioned works of art.  I work in acrylics, fiber art, watercolors, sculpture, and rug hooking.