Monday, May 9, 2011

Mother's Day Mayhem!

My Mother's Days have been interesting in the past, but this one topped all the rest. The first mother's day - when I was pregnant... & on bed rest sucked. The second mother's day was a little better - my bestie art friend Darcie & I went to open studio tour.

This mother's day I got breakfast in bed, flowers, the cutest card ever from Baby J, and even an immersion blender! Then I went out with Darcie again... and we were undecided on what to do. So we went to a bookstore - an awesome bookstore that sells books by the pound.

We asked the owner what they do with the books that just aren't sellable.... We have large recycle bins. As artists we feel the need to recycle too - can we peek through your bins (4 pallet bins that is) - "SURE" music to our little ears. We went dumpster diving for books, collage material and the like.

IT WAS THE BEST Mother's Day EVER! Followed up with sketch books, fraps, books & tattoo sketching.

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