Wednesday, November 10, 2010

A rainbow of leaves in Fall

My lovely sister-in-law doesn't believe we have fall leaves in Rainy Seattle. Wow - do we ever this year. It has been a great year for amazing color. I went on quite a few walks with little man and snapped photos. I had the thought of trying to find the entire rainbow in leaf color. Enjoy!

Walking the Labyrinth

This year has been such an amazing year of spiritual growth for me. Do in no small part to my labyrinth devotional. I have been walking a beautiful labyrinth at St. George Episcopal Church in Maple Valley weekly since early spring. It has expanded my creative life and helped me leap my creativity into high gear.

My practice usually includes praying with a question as I start walking toward the center. I feel the Holy Spirit surround me and capture the answer to my question. I love spending time in the center in peace. As I head back out from the center I pray in thanksgiving and for my family and friends.

As it gets cold and wet I find I am trying to fit it in only when it is dry and sunny…. Then I had to walk when it was wet. Yikes – harder to not rush through and get back in the car.

Then I thought of Mary, yep the “on the donkey “Mary, a question came to me what was her path like? I found myself slowing down and pondering her path, I even began to hum Silent Night.

I will bring this walking meditation into all my holiday preparations and celebrations. It is a great pause in the swirl of the holiday season.