Friday, October 1, 2010


Darcie & I will be at Freemont Sunday Market sharing our wares. Yesterday we prepared about 50 substrates each for UCU & market season. It is refreshing to see a bunch of untouched canvases ready to splash paint on. We are working hard and loving it.

This is the thing - whenever you get moving on a project and start feeling really great about your progress - isn't it strange how life kind of balances out that excitement with HORROR? I have lost my daily planner and am totally unprepared for life without it. I have ripped apart a few places in my house, car, Jack's toys, and I am at a loss.

I am embarking on a Google calendar - I have friends who do their meal planning, family schedule & all calendarie things on Google. Pray for me... I am not the best at this I actually prayed this morning for guidance through this process (I am seriously concerned). I am also figuring out how to FLY with an electronic calendar.

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