Saturday, April 16, 2011


I am an obsessed library user. I check out about 50 books, dvds & audiobooks a month. I love to consume this free craft/art information. Only problem... I don't always know where I put my notes from those interesting watches, reads or listens.

This is my attempt to capture some of the knowledge "from the Library"

First up is a DVD - here is the amazon link -

Woman's Work
Making Quilts- Creating Art
2003 CGPP

This video shows 10 women and how they work. I don't currently quilt but have been attracted to some of their books and videos because they are basically building art pieces. I love to be able to dip into other creative pursuits and see how they explain design. I am also interested in their color theory.

These women gather and work as a critique group and sounding board for each other. I have been urning for a creative art gypsy group near where I live and this video made me renew my efforts in that area.

  • I loved the artist who was building structures to hang her pieces from using willow.
  • I also loved how one artist organized her fabric stash all to the same size and by color. I think I will apply this to my growing stash & my collage materials.

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