Saturday, December 10, 2011

Belly Casting - Oh how I love it!

Cole here -
Belly Casting is a rare and genuine way to memorialize an especially precious time in life.  Don in the last weeks of pregnancy, I cast your belly , bust and belly or bust, belly and sholdes for a forever sculpture.  Display in a nursing corner, in your bedroom or make a unique bowl that you know the true shape of.

I have heard of women using theirs to hold all the precious bits from the first weeks of the babies life as a time capsule.  The cloths they came home in, pictures & notes from friends.  We love our belly (hubby loves looking at it and remembering all we went through)... and our little one loves to hear the story about when Momma's belly had Squirt inside!

Contact me if you would like this special item as part of your birth experience -

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