Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Delving into Cole's Specialty

I had a day in the studio yesterday and tried my hand at funky bag making. Cole is the hands-down pro at this, but it was worth a go round just to see what it is all about. I had fun, but am reminded that sewing is NOT my first love. Either way, I did end up with a simple bag made out of a dinner napkin. Hey it was already hemmed...less sewing! After some creative folding and minimal sewing I added a few buttons and baubles. Last thing to go on it was a teeny tiny painting, and a strap made from a belt crocheted by my very talented daughter. With the added jeans pocket, the bag has 6 pockets in all. You can never have too many pockets! I now have a bag of my own to sport when I am on the town with Cole.

1 comment:

  1. I teared UP a little bit seeing this! LOVE IT and soo proud it looks great! - Cole